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We are changing our Adult Sunday School to Adult Bible Communities (ABC). 

These groups are designed to foster community that is built on biblical instruction - so that members feel a sense of belonging, are loved and encouraged to grow spiritually.

All Adult Bible Communities begin at 9:15am on Sunday.

New Communities starting June 17, 2018

Adult Bible Communities
 College and Career
 Community Group Leaders: Pastor Kent Holcomb and Steven VanDerHart

Room E13
 1 & 2 Thessalonians 
 Community Group Leaders: Pastor Rob Fuller and Jeremy Baker
 Buffet Room 
 Sermon on the Mount
 Community Group Leaders: David Davis and Mitch Hanson

Room E15/17
 Memorizing the Word
 Community Group Leaders: Dr. Dean Youngberg and Graham Lingg
  • Is there something lacking in your spiritual life? This is a study to help your spiritual “fitness” by memorizing and meditating on God’s Word. There’s no brain too old, too young, too worn out or “not smart enough” to memorize!
  • For those participating in this community group a workbook will be required. Please sign-up on the bulletin board by the office to have a book ordered for you. The cost of the book is $15.66 and is due at the first class (June 17). If you want to participate but cannot or do not want to pay for a book please see Pastor Bowman.
Room E18/20
 Adult Sunday School: Book of Daniel
 Teacher: Doug Kutilek



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